Who we are

The Directors’ Office comprises 20 senior industry professionals each acting individually as independent directors, conducting persons, liquidators or advisors. With a combined 550 years of international industry experience the Partners are a leading governance force in Luxembourg. Our strength lies both in our individual independence and in the collective sharing of experience and know-how, and of office and governance infrastructure. Among the Partners we speak 8 languages and have experience across funds, management companies, fund administrators, PSF, insurance companies, banks and commercial corporates, and all asset classes.

The Directors

Marc de Leye

Paul de Quant

Riccardo Del Tufo

Roberto Di Carlo

Nathalie Dogniez

Arnaud Dubois

Richard Goddard

Sheenagh Gordon-HArt

Bruno Houdmont

Ronan le Bouc

John Li

CARLO Montagna

Charles Muller

Garry Pieters

Ernst Schnieder

Alan Ridgway

Javier Valls

Dominique Valschaerts

Eduard van Wijk

Yves Wagner

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